Just put out an invite to the Umbrel community. I think they are doing an awesome job exponentially growing the number of Bitcoin fullnodes and spurring Lightning Network adoption in an easy to setup Raspberry Pi4 project.

Since mcrypt has gone live, I have added it to my list. The list of crypto-centered instances includes:
bitcoinhackers.org - OG, invite-only, admin @nvk thecitadel.social - admin @eatoutfrom5lbs
mcrypt.com - admin @hyperbitcoinization
bitcoinersagainst.boats - admin me
social.librem.one (requires Librem One subscription)
hodlr.one (Personal instance, one account)

Keep letting me know about more!

I think I'm starting to really get Mastodon after looking at m.sprovoost.nl and himk.am vs bitcoinhackers.org. Each instance doesn't need 1000s or millions of users to be succesful (aka network affects). It can be as small as hosting a couple friends and strangers. The data resides there but can interact with virtually any unblocked federation instance.

mcrypt.com is available for those who have not been able to sign up for bitcoinhackers.org safe place to chat about all things related to . Scamming and far altcoin garbage may be moderated.


Bitcoin Mastodon yet another federation.